Thursday, October 29, 2009


This is the 200th year after the world famous Darwin's theory of evolution was proposed. On this occasion, our department has conducted and is still conducting a series of lectures on this topic.

Whenever we go to Bangalore, we try to attend these lectures. (it is a different issue that we dont understand most of these lectutes!!) :(

This time, we were in Bangalore for Silver Jubilee Symposium of our department. Many alumni's, many former professors were gathered in the institute on this occasion. So many times, referance to the Darwin's theory of 'Evolution' in their talks was unavoidable.

As a consequence of this, we were constantly getting bombarded by all these concepts and terminologies and on the dining table also we used to discuss about all these talks and evolution theory. This leaded my friend to modify Darwin's theory of evolution.

So one day we were having discussion about something and all of a sudden she put this new approach in front of me which I would like to mention in her own words:

She said: " Look, millions of years ago, human being was taller than the human being today (today's human is said to be more evolved) as well as he was stronger; i.e, he must had more weight than the human today. And now, as I am shorter than you, and my weight is also low. So what does that mean???? It simply meand that I am more evolved than you!!!!!"

Then onwards, I always have to take a step back in case any argument starts, simply because I am less evolved than her!! :(