Thursday, January 21, 2010

Persuit of 'Happy'ness

Yesterday I attended Vivekananda study circle discussion. One of our nice friends suggested us to attend this discussion and we stepped in there..

The usual thing they do is, they read some part of the book by swami vivekananda and after that they start questions and answers.

Yesterday, a person read the talk delivered by vivekananda in Colambo on Vedanta. Though it was a bit new topic for me, the language of the talk is very simple that common man could also understand.

Then the discussion somehow went to the Jnani peson and what exactly the Jnana is.

Really, what is actually 'Jnana'? When can one say that the person is 'Jnani'??
The theory is very simple..just try to ask WHY for anything.. for example.. why I am doing this ? it could be anything,study, job etc etc.
why? lets say i will get a good job after studying. Then why do u want a good job anyways?- so that I can earn a good money. why do u want to earn good money?- so that i can get all the facilities at my home and my parents will be happy. But why do u want to see your parents happy?- because if they are happy, then I also will become happy.

So whats the ultimate conclusion?? Whatever I am doing just now, it is only to make MYSELF happy..
Isn't it??

Ultimately, in turns, everybody is in search of happiness, unconditional happiness. ('unconditional' is used because there is no limit on the happiness.. nobody says that I only want to be this much happy. I dont bother if I get happiness beyound that..its not like that).


Now, as I am searching for something, that thing either exists or does not exist at all.
Similarly, we can set two hypothesis (look, statistics is also a part of spiritual matters :o )
hypothesis 1: real, unconditional happiness exists and it is with me only.

hypothesis 2: there does not exist a thing like real, unconditional happiness.

If we take 2nd hyp. as correct, then why I am searching for a thing that even doen't exist at all??
This proves that 1st hyp. is true. Isn't it?

Now moving on, if unconditional happiness exists, then it must be with us. (Since it is unconditional, it dosnt hv any constraints like in so and so situation only u will find it). So it is with us every now and then, in every moment.. It is just because of our ignorance we are not able to find the thing which we have with us. thats why we keep searching for it everywhere else and forget that it is with us.

So, the person who knows that real happyness lies within us and not anywhere else, should be called as 'Jnani' and this knowledge is called as 'Jnana'.

Isn't it simply amazing??

Friday, January 15, 2010

Student to the employee to student again....

A new post after so many days..
Deep, I also felt the same when I looked at my earlier posts...

But today I really have something positive to write.

We have undergone different different emotions this week.... The things started happening in last week actually. From so many days we were planning to move to Bangalore. The reason was to attend Kavitha's course on Quantitative ecology. We had heard from so many people that this course really helps to understand the ecological applications of statistics. So last week we took the permission from our BOSS to attend the course and then immediately moved to bangalore.
(This was a bit difficult for us because we are so attached to our field station that we didn't even feel like packing our bags and baggage.. It was like some strong resisting force was holding us back from doing so. Afterall it is now our second 'home, sweet home'!!)
Meanwhile we mailed Kavitha also. but she didnt replied that time.. but we thought that she might not had time to check her mails. So when we landed in Bangalore we had no clue that we might not get permission to attend. Somehow we had taked for granted that we are attending that course..

But things had to come in other way in front of us... When we went to meet her, she said that it is not possible for her to give her permission to attend the course. One reason was 28 students have already enrolled to the course and it was difficult for her to manage 2 more students. And another was we don't have any ecology background (according to her, she will always be giving some referances from theory which we might not understand.. we also tried to convince her by saying that we are ready to read and learn ecological concepts and all as an extra work.. but somehow, she wasnt convinced). That day we felt really bad. All hopes, new plans almost came to an end. As we had no courses to attend it was more likely that we had to move back to Mudumalai.

Here came the turning point...We were very upset, and very depressed, when Rutuja helped us. She suggested us to go and meet one professor in some other department, CAOS (center for atmospheric and oceanic sciences), who also conducts a course on mathematical methods in atmospheric sciences..
She had suggested us this erlier also but that time we didn't take it seriously.. because we were aiming to attend Kavitha's course only.. But the things changed and we decided to meet him.

It was really a nice experiance. Even though we were totally stanger to him, he gave his half an our without any hesitation, without any argument ( We had not even mailed him, we just landed in his office without taking prior appointment ..). He listened us patiently, discussed with us various topics he is working on (We are so stupid that we directly asked him that we would like to know what statistical tools he uses) . Then we also asked permission for attending his course directly.. and he said 'YES'.

Some moments, some feelings are difficult to express in words, and this is the difficulty right now I am facing while writing this.

So finally we are attending his course, staying in Bangalore.....
And of course, we are back to the students position from employee kind of status :D

Jo hota hai woh achchhe ke liye hi hota hai.... isn't it???

@Deep : The title of this post is parallel to your post ' Strangers to friends to strangers again..'
Sorry for picking up the idea.. :D