Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday evenings are always beautiful. Seriously!! Not even Saturday or Sunday. (Umm, well, Saturday is still fine cause there is one more day left for weekend to get over). At least past 1-2 months I am experiencing that a lot. Prior to that; leave apart one day, every evening used to be beautiful. Perhaps this is a part of the lifestyle I am trying to adapt to. Now it has come down to only one day.

Believe it or not, friday eves are somewhat specially soothing. It cannot be explained, I could just experience it. It gives immense pleasure to shut the system I am working on...on friday 6. P.M. Not that I hate my work, but just the feeling of welcoming long weekend which is at few hours away creates bubbles of joy in the heart. The cold breeze that touches your face while your cab is taking you home gives soothing feeling ( I agree that the streets are crowded, the air is polluted and blah blah.. but still :) ).. just taking a deep breath cheers me; even a faint line of smile appears on my face..yeah yeah I actually realize that I am smiling for no reason..

BUT, there are days like today, when somebody pops in for some work at 5.30 PM and indicates that you still have to spend couple of hours extra in the office, gives the pain. While watching everybody leaving wishing each other happy weekend, you sit at your desk to get your work done. The shutters of the windows are down- you do not know how beautifully the light has spread after the Sun has set or whether it is raining outside. You console yourself that even though plans for friday evening will not work out, there are two more days in your bag..

I end up writing this blog post after several days on an evening like this, at least the feeling that I am ignoring my blog for really long time is somewhat changed!! The evening is not completely spoiled :-)