Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Bootstrap Begins ....

Long long time ago,
Ingram can still remember when
ANOVA used to be the thing.
Small samples were all that we had
And of the Normal we were glad
And we all said R.A. Fisher was our king.
But my data would never fit,
No matter how I transformed it.
Significance was too low;
I did not know where to go.
My referees all called it "crap",
When a thought hit me with a slap:
"You should try out the bootstrap."
That's how I got published.

CHORUS (slow):
My, my, this assumptions a lie,
But if we bootstrap we can use it and the paper will fly.
We'll resample and kiss the normal goodbye
Singing "Theory is too hard for this guy".

Well Tukey in the olden days
Used to sing the Jackknife's
'Though noone
knew exactly what it did.
Mann and Whitney and Signed Ranks
Received our nonparametric
When nonnormality
could not be hid.
But if the data was overdispersed
And transforms seemed to make it worse:
The Chisquared
wouldn't work
The doctors went berserk!
But Brad told us to resample,
A few hundred times should be ample;
Use the histogram empirical
We'll call that the bootstrap.

Do you know that our confidence
Can be put in places that make sense
Even when the distribution is unknown?
Do you have processing power
To run this scheme within an hour
And find a result that's not yet been shown?
Any applied statistician
Will almost always say "I can!"
What ever task you bring
"We'll bootstrap anything."

A distribution we can plot
For any statistic you've got;
You've stepped into the perfect shop
Here's the best thing on the lot.
long years have come and gone
Since Efron's idea came along
And now you see it everywhere.
With computers now so very fast
Simulation is a blast
And for all that theory we don't really care.
Though Donoho still rails away
At the lack of rigor found today;
Models are complicated,
Distributions are not stated.
And though there is no guarantee
That the truth is what we'll see,
When consulting comes to me
I'll still say "Let's bootstrap".
CHORUS (x2: soft then fast)

P.S: Thanks to internet!!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Mr. and Mrs. Ayyar

A day before watched one of my favorite movies: Mr. and Mrs. Ayyar. It is really a nice film starred Konkana Sen Sharma and Rahul Bose. Though the film is about communal violence, I can watch it several times.
First of all, of course Rahul Bose.. one of my favorite actors. I have seen Before the rains also. It is also a great movie. Though he hasn't got any handsome face or something.. his projection of voice, facial expressions and dialogue delivery makes him a great actor. (that's what I think!!)

Secondly, Konkana Sen Sharma...what can I say about her? she is amazing. Just love her south Indian accent in this film. This was her first movie I had seen and that time I didn't know that she is Bengali. It was really tough for me to believe in it when I came to know the fact.
I just love the way she calls 'SANTAANAM...'

Story is also heart touching. My heart ponders every time @ the scene when Meenakshi orders Raja to hold her little boy and pretends that he is her husband.
The way both characters faces the situation is just great. And the last scene.. when the time to get apart comes... I was just praying that her real husband should not come. Silly me!!

Every frame, every dialogue, every character in this film is just fantastic...
May be I am praising little bit more, but that's how I feel about it!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010


these days are so wierd
that I get sometimes scared...

whatever has happened
whatever is happening
whatever will happen..

nothing is in my hand...

a strong force is driving me...

who knows where my destination is..

am just going with the wind
without knowing the direction..

हो गई हूँ मैं एक सूखे पत्ते की तरह..
हवा के साथ चलती ही जा रही हूँ..
कहाँ जाकर गिरूंगी पता नहीं..

पेड़ का सहारा तो टूट ही गया है..
शायद कोई जमीं सहारा दे सके मुझको...शायद...

Monday, March 15, 2010

नववर्षाच्या निमित्ताने.......

नवीन आले वर्ष तरीही
जुन्या क्षणांना न च विसरावे...
अनुभवाचे गाठोडे घेउनी संगती
पाऊल आपुले पुढे टाकावे

जरा थबकुनी नव्या वळणावर
हळूच मागे वळून पाहावे
भले बुरे जे घडून गेले
त्यावर अपुले मार्ग ठरावे

नव्या आकांक्षांना फुटावी पालवी
नव क्षितीजांचे स्वप्न पाहावे
झेप घेता उंच आभाळी
पाऊल मात्र धरतीवर असावे

Saturday, March 6, 2010

मैं अपने घर में ही अजनबी हो गया हूँ आ कर
मुझे यहाँ देखकर मेरी रूह डर गई है
सहम के सब आरज़ुएँ कोनों में जा छुपी हैं
लवें बुझा दी हैंअपने चेहरों की, हसरतों ने
कि शौक़ पहचनता ही नहीं
मुरादें दहलीज़ ही पे सर रख के मर गई हैं

मैं किस वतन की तलाश में यूँ चला था घर से
कि अपने घर में भी अजनबी हो गया हूँ आ कर