Sunday, August 30, 2009

|| DREAMS ||

It happens with me all the time… I plan something about a particular thing or particular way… And that doesn’t happen at all.

And recently this happened again… And this time it is ‘MY FIRST SALARY’.

When I was a student (Well, I am still a student, I think!) I used to dream a lot about what I will do with my first salary, how I will spend it and for what. That’s the other thing that this planning used to change from time to time. But still, I decided many things with my first salary…

And now, when it is in my hand, I did nothing according to earlier planning. Why?

The strangest part is I did not have money in my hand immediately (of course from my salary) after it was actually deposited in the bank. I withdrew some money almost after 15 days!! And even after that I haven’t spent a single rupee from that for myself. Because I am back to Mudumalai’s jungle!

All my dreams, all my planning, have remained as a dream only.

“Life is something that happens to us while we were busy with planning other things!!’

Isn’t it very true?

Friday, August 14, 2009

about name..

The name which I have given to this blog is actually stolen (you can say derived) from a book named ‘MONKEY IN THE MIRROR’. Well, I will write about this book later because I haven’t read it completely.. and the key word ‘EVOLUTION’ which is what this book is all about, is still very difficult for me to digest. So let me have some more time for that.

Guess what!! This name which I like very much; gives me a funny imagination that I am looking into the mirror and my image in the mirror is very odd… like monkey itself.. exactly on the similar lines which is there on the front page of ‘MONKEY IN THE MIRROR’. (well, that’s about imagination, and I can still see my original image when I am actually in front of a mirror :D).

So this is all about the name of my blog. I wish I could scribble in it regularly and hope to improve my writing. (I just overheard that somebody said ‘my spellings are excellent but my typing is terrible’; so on similar lines I would say ‘thoughts which strike my mind are well but my English is terrible!!)