Sunday, August 30, 2009

|| DREAMS ||

It happens with me all the time… I plan something about a particular thing or particular way… And that doesn’t happen at all.

And recently this happened again… And this time it is ‘MY FIRST SALARY’.

When I was a student (Well, I am still a student, I think!) I used to dream a lot about what I will do with my first salary, how I will spend it and for what. That’s the other thing that this planning used to change from time to time. But still, I decided many things with my first salary…

And now, when it is in my hand, I did nothing according to earlier planning. Why?

The strangest part is I did not have money in my hand immediately (of course from my salary) after it was actually deposited in the bank. I withdrew some money almost after 15 days!! And even after that I haven’t spent a single rupee from that for myself. Because I am back to Mudumalai’s jungle!

All my dreams, all my planning, have remained as a dream only.

“Life is something that happens to us while we were busy with planning other things!!’

Isn’t it very true?

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