Sunday, September 5, 2010

Learning a new language is always a different experience. And it adds to the flavor if the language has its own entirely new script. If it is so, then learning could give you moments of joy as well as sometimes it could creat a situation where you just keep scratching your head!!

Past few days I have started learning Kannada. Frankly speaking, it was an accident. One of our nice friends had written some instructions for his trackers in Kannada. I found it interesting.. the way he had written them.. the handwriting ..
So I wrote a marathi phrase below that stuff which meant ' Good handwriting is precious'. and that friend immediately wrote translation of that marathi phase in 2 different languages: Kannada, tamil.
I asked him whether he could teach me writing kannada. He agreed and our evening Kannada classes started.

He wanted to learn Malyalam too. So we started together.
Starting was to write each and every letter into the corresponding script. So we took the devanagari script (thankfully we both understand that script!!) and came up with the set of letters in 3 languages.

He has picked up malyalam very fast.. I am still struggling with the initial a aa i...
 I have tried writing several names in kannada: my colleagues, friends, different places etc etc. and I enjoyed that a lot. But still I can't remember much at a time. I tend to forget immediately... so whenever I want to write something, I have to go back and refer to the original letters..

I hope this will improve some day.

Today, we tried writing the marathi phase which happened to be the driving force for me towards learning this language. A funny thing is, instead of writing that in the translated version, we wrote it in the original form, but the script is different. It goes like....

First line is in Malyalam written by my friend, and the second one is in Kannada, written by me.
It is:
'सुंदर अक्षर हाच खरा दागिना'.

The worse thing is even though the sentence talk about the good handwriting, my handwriting is not at all 'sundar' in kannada.. I find it very much childish.. as if it is written by some school going kid...

I wish I could improve it..If at all I don't give up learning...

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  1. That's a commendable start! And going by your zeal, you would most definitely pick up the new languages :)