Sunday, January 8, 2012

Life… or something like that!

Is your life heading the correct way you wanted it to? Are you sure about the correctness of whatever decisions you made at any point of time?
 -But how do you even decide before actually trying out?  What are the odds of other choice of leading life/career or whatever being correct? Wouldn’t you have felt the same what you are feeling right now? What is the guarantee?  Should you not rather be happy about the path you chose/ decisions you made were on your own and nobody else decided them for you?  Then why do you even hesitate to accept the consequences of those?  Why do you feel low when somebody points out only negative consequences of them and easily forgets to look at positive stuff (however little) you were gifted along with them?     
Why other people always seem to have surpassed you in any sense-be it career or money or may be something else (whining about you deserving far better opportunities/quality life/ quality job etc. etc. than a buddy who is supposedly getting it all)?
-How can you even compare? If you want to compare, have you made sure that other conditions are at same level? Who says that you deserve better that THE person you are comparing with? That person could have some other qualities which you might not have. Or it could be just the circumstances/ situation.  And how do you know that other people who seem to have got everything better are happy and satisfied with the decisions they made in their life? There is a possibility that they might be regretting upon not getting something else!

List of questions seems to be endless. Worst part is; there are no simple/right/exact answers to them all. Only statement you can make is- IT DEPENDS, on how you look at them. Rather if you don’t spend time thinking about it, life becomes easier.
You meet someone who is facing all these questions right now. You try convincing that person that how he/she should go about it. You give advices about how not worrying about it will help. You suggest believing what is happening is good and meant to be happening that way. Life is not that bad or miserable and there are several other wonderful aspects in his/her share of life. 



  1. Thoughtful post :)
    Really, making peace with the decisions you took is tough!
    Que Sera, Sera,
    Whatever will be, will be
    The future's not ours, to see
    Que Sera, Sera

  2. :) Good one ! Liked it
    "Worst part is; there are no simple/right/exact answers to them all."
    Other point of view - May be that is the Good thing about it ! ;)

  3. I agree with the remarks at the end.. One actually is trying to convince oneself (or is trying to strengthen his beliefs) while advising others.. :-)

  4. true! a struggle within ourselves..
    It's like you trek your way up a mountain with a lot of effort and just when you are seeing across the landscape with some satisfaction, you start wondering how would it feel to instead reach the top of the other mountain laying in front of your gaze! happens all the time...perhaps we should just close our eyes and let the breeze cool our brows..and just smile for ourselves :)

  5. @ Mukta and Vinay: Very true. pan karanar kay, kalata pan valat nahi na!

    @ Vishal: aselahi. pan tya situation madhun jat asatana tari tasa vatat nahi :p

    @Pushkaraj: Thanks :)