Sunday, October 24, 2010

yet another story

Have you ever searched for a thing which does not exist at all? Sounds weird,isn't it? How embarrassing the feeling could be when you put lot of efforts to find out something and after a looonngg time you come to know that the thing which you are searching for is not there?

Well, last week I went through the same situation, same feeling. Nowadays, whenever we want to have information about anything like place, things like accessories, electronic instruments,etc etc we just browse on internet and take that information for granted. We could never think even in our wildest dreams that the information could be wrong or old enough to get outdated.

Last week me and Meera were searching for an electronic accessories shop in Malleswaram. We got the information about that shop from internet. We tried calling on the contact number given bu it just gave the weird beeps and nothing else. We thought let's go simply and check it out directly. So we noted down the address and the contact number and headed towards Malleswaram. We searched  a lot.We wanted to go to temple road but half of the people were unaware about that address. One guy even asked us back which temple you are mensioning about? Is that some Ganpati temple, Sai baba temple, temple of some devimata or something else? It was a bigtime confusing question. We didn't know anything but just the temple road. After a half an hours extensive search on that afternoon, we finally got the temple road. And started looking for the survay number given in the address. Spending 5-10 minutes on the same road itself we got the correct builing but there was no banner of the shop we were looking for. confusion increased dramatically. Finally we asked the person in the footwear shop in the same building. Whatever he said, gave 440 volts shock to us. He said that the shop we were searching for is closed a year and a half back. We were standing in the place of same shop which is converted now to the footwear shop.

Our mouths were wide open when we heard this news. :)
We stepped out quietly and headed back.

It was really like searching for an address which now dosn't exist.

So people, if you are searching for an address or a place whose reference you have got from internet; make sure that address truly exists. Otherwise you will also end up facing the same situation like us.

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  1. :O lesson for me..
    i do lots of googling for such info.. well noted !! got to be careful next time on :-/