Friday, March 26, 2010

Mr. and Mrs. Ayyar

A day before watched one of my favorite movies: Mr. and Mrs. Ayyar. It is really a nice film starred Konkana Sen Sharma and Rahul Bose. Though the film is about communal violence, I can watch it several times.
First of all, of course Rahul Bose.. one of my favorite actors. I have seen Before the rains also. It is also a great movie. Though he hasn't got any handsome face or something.. his projection of voice, facial expressions and dialogue delivery makes him a great actor. (that's what I think!!)

Secondly, Konkana Sen Sharma...what can I say about her? she is amazing. Just love her south Indian accent in this film. This was her first movie I had seen and that time I didn't know that she is Bengali. It was really tough for me to believe in it when I came to know the fact.
I just love the way she calls 'SANTAANAM...'

Story is also heart touching. My heart ponders every time @ the scene when Meenakshi orders Raja to hold her little boy and pretends that he is her husband.
The way both characters faces the situation is just great. And the last scene.. when the time to get apart comes... I was just praying that her real husband should not come. Silly me!!

Every frame, every dialogue, every character in this film is just fantastic...
May be I am praising little bit more, but that's how I feel about it!!

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