Monday, February 8, 2010

Lost in symbols....

Today is a last day for our submission for first assignment of the course. As usual I have stated working on it at last moment ( no wonder.. this has become my habit right from school days.. :D)

Though these are very basic and simple problems.. basic definition of probability, finding p.d.f. and c.d.f, Binomial, Multinomial, Poisson distributions, etc etc etc.. I am finding myself lost in the symbols of integration, differenciation, epsilons, deltas.... ooooooppppppppsss!!

I am struggling hard to carry out all steps properly without mistake.. still some calculations are going wrong somewhere.. I am slowly becoming nostalgic about all these things.. same stupid, silly mistakes I am repeating again.

But one thing is very clear.. I AM ENJOYING THESE MISTAKES.. I don't know what is goona happen with me if I seriously take admission for Ph.D. (:D)
GOD!! save me!! (And all those people who would work with me..he he he)

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