Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Wanna grow up once again..

Give me some sunshine
Give me some rain...
Give me another chance
Wanna grow up once gain...

Day by day, as and when I interact with the research people here, I really find myself falling in love with plants, animals, environment and related topics. Vast research is going on in a very diverse branches of environmental, biological and of course other topics. And I really know very little about the very basic concepts of these branches. From schooldays I always tried to avoid the study of these topics and I was more of a mathematics lover person(????). So I did not studied these thing by heart ever. Somehow I was scared of these branches more (diagrams, desections, labwork... huh..list is so big.. and of course, terminologies and spellings!!)
And it continued till post graduation. The reason for not choosing microarray as an optional subject has some root in there.

And now suddenly, within this short period of 6 months, the situation is totally different. The angle has changed significantly (statistically significant :D).

I wish I could learn all these things from the beggining, from basic.
I wish I could go to school again, and learn these things..
I wish I could go to the college once again and do the experiments ....explore..
I want to be small again and do all things which I avoided ...

I wish I had a Time Machine..

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  1. No need to waite for Time Machine,nw really time itself has come to u...