Monday, June 7, 2010


Today I am feeling very good. I wanna do lot of work, want to immerse myself into the deep sea of work, really want to get drawn into it.

In past few days, I have hardly done work (as in with some useful output). I spent my all time in playing, chatting, sleeping, watching movies... Now I am suddenly finding myself uninterested in all those things. I think the reason behind is lack of motivation, lack of interest towards the job I am supposed to do.
I read so many articles / books in those days but hardly any was related to my own area. I don't know why but I don't feel like reading the books related to statistics (its an alert for me... isn't it??) May be it is in my nature. Given a choice, I will never do serious/ study kind of stuff. Though I have tried to change myself so many times, a little distraction is enough to bring me on same old route.

Today morning while sipping my tea, I was observing a mantis on the iron mesh wall of our house. It was constantly trying to climb it up. It started with small steps, wisely utilizing its energy. The picture is still in front of my eyes. I was so amazed and occupied watching it, that I completely forgot to sip my tea ( I realized that when I found myself sipping cold tea after some time)
What gives energy, motivation to that 3-4 cm long with hardly few grams ( or should I say milligrams?) weight to work against the gravitational force resulting due to climbing the wall in 90 degrees? Still, with constant efforts, it climbed that wall successfully.

Why one need to go around looking for the sources of inspiration when it could be there right in front front of our eyes? Why can't little creatures like mantis be an inspiration? It can, surely.

We just need to look around with open eyes.

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